CodeIgniter vs Kohana vs Fuel

Battle of the Frameworks

I'm looking for the best framework to use when making sites in PHP, and I've narrowed it down to three; CodeIgniter, Kohana and Fuel.

The Problem

I'm impatient; I want a framework I can quickly develop on and get projects done. It needs to be lightweight, easy to use, and allow me to add my own extensions on top if I need to.

The Contenders

I've previously used CodeIgniter (1.7, I've been warned against 2), and I really like it. It does have its shortcomings though, and often solutions feel hackish.

I only found out about Kohana last week, but it looks quite nice. And from what I've heard it's very stable, well written, and gives you much better control than CodeIgniter. However, lack of decent documentation does concern me.

@mheap mentioned Fuel to me this weekend at leedshack, until then I'd not heard of it. It sounds very good though, but I can't find that much information about it and I'm not sure how different it is to CodeIgniter.

The Plan

I don't think I'm going to be able to decide until I use all three for awhile. Therefore, I think I'm going to create a quick, one day app in each. I have a few small apps I want to make/overhaul anyway, so this should be a good and useful test.

I'll start by recoding Erant, probably starting off with Kohana. It'll be interesting to see how easily I pick it up, and how useful I find the docs. Then I'll make a mini review site I've been planning for awhile using Fuel. I'll get to see how different it is, and if it is an improvement. Finally I'll return to CodeIgniter (maybe using 2, not sure yet), and I'll see if it frustrates me, or if I feel it's the simplest to use.

I'll probably document my findings as I go along, and hopefully, if anyone is interested/actually reading this, it'll help others in choosing.

Which may be a pointless task considering there'll probably be a new amazing framework out soon. That, or I'll just learn python/RoR instead.

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