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What's the best tool to use when working with Sass on Windows?

The two easiest ways to compile Sass into CSS on Windows are ($10) and Scout (Free).

But which one's the best tool? (And yes, CodeKit is better, but I'm not using OSX!)

Ease of use Initially is hard to use, unless you're creating a project from scratch. There is no option to create a new project with an existing folder structure; infact, the only way I could was to copy the config.rb file from a fresh project into the existing folders. From there, you can access it as an existing project.

Scout: The easiest of the two to use. Setting up a project is as simple as pointing to a folder, and changing options on the fly is easy. The log panel is also useful, especially when running into a compile error

Speed Very speedy, and is the main point that sets it apart from Scout. As soon as you start watching a folder, it compiles. Whenever I refresh the page to see any edits I've made, they are always ready and compiled.

Scout: I'm not sure why, but Scout is very slow; both as a program and when compiling. The program's UI is sluggish: resizing the window is jerky, and scrolling lags a ridiculous amount. When starting a project's compilation, it takes a fair few seconds before any changes are compiled, which doesn't sound like much, but can be quite frustrating.


Whilst Scout on initial glance seems like the better option, I think is the one to use. It might not be as easy as Scout, but once you get used to copying the config.rb file across projects, its speed benefits more than make up for any usability disadvantages.

So give a try! And, if there are any other programs you'd recommend, let me know in the comments!

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