Flash AS3 FLV does not play until the file has been fully downloaded

A pretty useful tip if you're stumped

At work today, I stumbled upon a problem when creating a standalone flv player. Everything seemed all and well, but the file insisted on fully downloading before playing. The only part I could find in the Adobe Docs was this useful hint:

While using an ActionScript 3 file, the video begins playing only when enough of it has downloaded so that it can play the FLV file from start to finish. This behavior can be altered using ActionScript.


So I was stuck. I then began to notice that the metaData was received only after the file had been loaded. Hmm. After a little while of searching, I found this gem of a blog post.

Such a simple answer:

  • Rename the flv to a mov
  • Open it in Quicktime
  • Save as over the top of the original
  • Rename it back to flv

And all is well again, the file loads as soon as the buffer limit is reached!

Hopefully someone may find this useful, it took me long enough to figure out!

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