Fun with MSN

Well, what little fun you can have with it

I still use msn. I know it's old, and I only have about 10 friends left on it, 3 of which I actually talk to every now and again.

Having said that, I was quite excited when I saw a new update was available, and even more excited when I noticed the first new feature!

Type in an animal name and it turns into a hyperlink, which then searches for a picture of the animal. AMAZING. We quickly discovered that it is quite inconsistent, though. For instance, alligator works, but crocodile does not. Also, bizarrely, cow doesn't work.

So that amused me for a while.

The fading in/out of the scroll bar is a nice touch, but the new smileys are freaky as hell. I then realised I still only speak to someone once every other week on there anyway, so I doubt I'll even be using the new features that much.

Ah well, might have been better 5 years ago Microsoft.

UPDATE: Celebrities also link up!

UPDATE 2: Companies link up! Hilariously, though, Apple links up whilst Microsoft does not. Excellent work there.

UPDATE 3: If you paste in a youtube link, it loads the video so you can both watch it, and video games also link up! I realise this is getting ridiculous now, I could have just read the changelog.

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