Games that Deserve a Sequel

Some awesome games I think need to come back!

Thinking about all the sequels currently being released (Killzone 3, MvC3, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Crysis 2 etc), I got to wondering about the forgotten games that would be amazing if recreated using current gen tech.

Please note that this is very biased because the list is comprised of games I'd like to see remade, mainly due to the fact I used to play them and have fond memories of them, and as such isn't a complete list by any means. It also only features PlayStation games, because that's what I had growing up. If you have any more suggestions, please leave them in the comments!

5. Rollcage

What is it? A futuristic racing game with weapons.

Why should it get a sequel? Rollcage Stage II was a great game when it came out in 2000; I've never really been into racing games, but for some reason I really took to it. I loved the speed, the fact you could go on the ceiling, and the great use of the weapons. I think my favourite mode, however, was Scramble. It's basically the puzzle mode; an infuriating puzzle mode.

Chances of a sequel being made: None. The developers, Attention To Detail, liquidated in 2003, and Midway, one of the publishers, recently became bankrupt. Only the second publisher, Psygnosis, exists, albeit now as part of Sony Computer Entertainment Liverpool.

4. Timesplitters

What is it? A comedy FPS with a strong focus on multiplayer.

Why should it get a sequel? Because it was amazing! Each one in the series was fantastic, with great characters, interesting challenges, and great multiplayer. It'd definitely benefit from todays better online tech, I just hope they don't go all Call of Duty and start implementing classes and XP.

Chances of a sequel being made: Publishers Eidos are now part of Square Enix Europe, and Developers Free Radical have been acquired by Crytek, becoming Crytek UK. Before their acquisition, it was revealed they were working on Timesplitters 4; going as far as releasing some concept art. Crytek UK will be announcing some big news around E3 (June 7-9), let's hope it's Timesplitters 4 related!

3. Bloody Roar

What is it? A fighting game where your character could turn into an Zoanthrope.

Why should it get a sequel? This year is the year for fighters. With MvC3 finally out, MK9 and SFIV:AE round the corner and newcomer Skull Girls out in the summer, fighting games are bigger than ever. Bloody roar and it's sequels were great fun when they originally came out, and I'm sure with some gameplay tweaks and an updated engine, it'd fit right in with today's modern fighters.

Chances of a sequel being made: None. Bloody Roar 5 was confirmed as being in production, but when Konami closed Hudson Entertainment in February it was cancelled.

2. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

What is it? A third-person action adventure with a dark twist.

Why should it get a sequel? Soul Reaver and its sequel were amazing games; combining decent puzzles with combat that didn't get boring. After seeing what God of War III can do, I think a Soul Reaver 3 is work making, especially as there was no conclusive ending to the story in Soul Reaver 2!

Chances of a sequel being made: I'm not sure really. Developers Crystal Dynamic were acquired by publishers Eidos, who in turn have been acquired by Square Enix Europe. However, Kain and Raziel were both playable characters (via DLC) for 2010s Tomb Raider and the Guardian of Light. Maybe they were trying to gauge how much interest people had in the characters?

1. Zone of the Enders

What is it? A third person action adventure where you pilot a giant mech.

Why should it get a sequel? Because the first two were amazing. Great graphics, amazing story and fluid combat. Z.O.E. 3 would look amazing on the PS3, and it may even be able to incorporate the move without it being too gimicky.

Chances of a sequel being made: Pretty good actually. Hideo Kojima promised in 2009 a sequel would be made, and while it has been a fair while, we can still hope!

Honourable Mentions

  • Spyro
  • Urban Chaos
  • Bushido Blade
  • Crash Team Racing

If I've missed any, or if you want to add your own, please leave the game in the comments below and I'll probably add it to the honourable mentions.

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