Hakan - Rank C Reached!

Part of my attempt to get the Shining C trophy

Well, this happened quicker than I thought it would!

The outlook was bleak when I first started playing as Hakan; I just couldn't get the hang of him at all. I was getting eaten up by flowchart Kens and random DPs.

I was finding it hard to find obvious combos and his normals seemed so slow. I had no idea what to do in most situations, and found I couldn't even punish whiffed ultras with anything good and resorted to a simple oil slide.

Then I read a little about him; turns out Hakan is pretty woeful unless you oil him up!

Suddenly his moves were quicker, had a larger reach and I could move him as I was doing them. Then I discovered his standing fierce. Great for anti air, the reach is good and it hits twice so works well against focus attacks. I found I could win games using this move alone!

From there it was simply a case of making sure I kept my distance and timing my attacks. I hardy ever did a combo, and I probably relied on random oil slides fair too much but they were satisfying when they landed.

As for the stats, I gained a C rank in 49 matches, 19 of which I won which is about a 38% win rate.

I doubt I'll ever really put any time into Hakan; he's a fun character to use, but I'm not really keen on his play style. I don't think he has that many options in during certain situations (like wakeup) but the ones he does have are pretty good. One nice mixup I found myself using was to bait a DP on wakeup and punish with an oil slide. Then on that knock down, because they are scared to do a wake up DP, get in close and go for an oil rocket. I found this worked 9/10 times (obviously at a low level of play). From there on you can quite easily keep them guessing.

I'm not sure which character to choose next. My girlfriend has decided that for every character I get to rank C with, she'll make me a finger puppet of (she runs Sally's Craft Corner), so I'm due a Bison and Hakan puppet soon!

Anyone have any suggestions on who to play as next?

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