TF Assets Launch

A New CodeIgniter Asset/Layout Library

This project is no longer active, and the code has been taken down from GitHub.

One thing I dislike about CodeIgniter is the way it handles views and assets; it can get very messy as your site grows. I did used to use Bucket, which I've blogged about before, but I found the overhead for some features I didn't use (and couldn't seem to get to work) too much.

Enter TF Assets! A simple way to handle partial views, layouts and css/js files. It may not be as feature rich as Bucket, but it's a lot more lightweight.

I've tried to make it really easy to use and as flexible as possible. The library ships with just 2 files, config.php and tf_assets.php.

You can download the library from GitHub.

You can find complete examples and documentation at my new mini documentation site, where I'll be putting all the docs for any plugins/scripts I create. I've imaginatively named it Toddish's Scripts, and you can find it at

Please comment here or even better use the GitHub Issue Tracker if you have any suggestions or bugs to report.

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