TF Popup Launch

jQuery Popup/Lightbox Plugin Launch

This version of TF Popup (now just named Popup.js) is out of date, so the information below isn't entirely correct!

I've done a silly thing; I've created another jQuery popup/lightbox script. I'm not usually one to reinvent the wheel, I'd much rather use someone else's probably superior code, but this time I needed something a little different (much like with TF Assets).

TF Popup is a jQuery plugin aimed at developers. It gives you full theming control and is really flexible; it can be used for simple information modal popups, to full login/registration forms complete with validation.

It includes a small API to help when validating your form, doing a lot of the display leg work for you.

You can download it over at github!

See it in action

You can see it in action on the demos page without code, or on the examples page with code.

Overtime I may add more examples and demos if anyone can think of any that would be particularly useful.


Like TF Assets, TF Popup is fully documented over at my scripts mini site. Additionally, you can email or post questions here.

If anyone has any suggestions, or find any bugs, please let me know! It is still in beta, so there may be a few kinks, but it should be usable on sites now.

Want to let me know what you think of TF Popup Launch? Why not leave a comment, follow me on Twitter , or !


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