The Journey From C to Shining C

The start of my attempt to get the Shining C trophy

I'm not really all that bothered about chasing achievements in games, but I've decided to try and get the "From C to Shining C" trophy in Super Street Fighter IV. The basic aim of the trophy is to play with each character online, winning enough matches to gain a 1000BP, which is rank C.

This is all inspired by this post on The videos are really well done and add humour to a game that usually has me wanting to break things. I really like how DrGamez makes light of all the mistakes he makes, something which I could definitely learn from.

Doing this challenge will give me a good chance to play with more characters, and might ease a little pressure and let me enjoy the game more.

I thought it'd be a good idea to let my girlfriend choose my starting character. To annoy me, she chose Hakan, because he's one of the worst characters in the game (see the tier list). Cheers for that, Sally. I've only just started playing with him and I hate him and like him at the same time. I'll explain more about that once I've reached rank C.

My aim is to post an update every time I get a new character to rank C. I'll talk about what I like and hate about the character, how many matches it took me, and which character I'll be using next. Chances are I'll give up after a couple, but hopefully not. (I definitely did though.)

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