Twittoh Launch

An archive of OH tweets

Twittoh is a mini project I created with Chris Willerton; he took the lead on the design and HTML/CSS, and I coded the twitter bits.

It's a collection of "overhead" tweets; tweets that are prefixed with "OH:", and generally contain a funny sentence someone has overheard.

The Tech

The site uses Fuel as its base. I'd not used Fuel before, I usually stick with CodeIgniter, so it was interesting to see how it differed. I think I prefer it, and I'll be using it again.

I used Phirehose to connect to the Twitter streaming API, which was very easy to use and definitely made the job easier.

Once I was collecting tweets, I had to filter them. I only saved tweets that had "OH: " at the start and didn't contain any links. To filter out all the non english ones (although some do slip through), I check the language using Microsoft Translator API.

And off it goes, collecting tweets and displaying them. Check it out!

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