Verify (Laravel 4) Package Release

The simple role/permission authentication package is now out for Laravel 4!

For a reminder of Verify, see the initial Verify blog post.

Much of the Verify package and its API has remained the same, but there are a few key changes:

  • The package is now installed using Composer via Packagist.
  • All helper methods on the Auth class have now been removed. Use the $user->is, $user->can calls instead.
  • Laravel 4's new Auth API and Eloquent features are automatically inherited.

And that's basically it, everything should work as usual.

Where can I get it?

The main codebase is still on Github (albeit in a different repository). If you see anything wrong with the code, please raise an issue, or even better, submit a pull request against the develop branch!

Documentation can be found on the verify page on my documentation site, which I'll keep up-to-date.

So, Enjoy! If you have any suggestions/problems, please let me know.

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