Verify - Laravel Auth Bundle

A simple role/permission authentication bundle for Laravel

I should have posted about this months ago — when I first released it in June, maybe— but I guess it's never too late.

What is Verify?

Verify is a simple authentication bundle for the PHP framework, Laravel (version 3).

It features roles (think admins/moderators), permissions (read_posts, edit_posts etc) and automatically salts passwords, making your site more secure!

I aimed for the API to be simple to use, and tried not to get too bogged down with features. To use it (once it's installed), you call it like so:

// Roles
// Does the user have the role 'Super Admin'
$user->is('Super Admin');
// Does the user have the role 'Super Admin' OR 'Admin'
$user->is(array('Super Admin', 'Admin'));

// Permissions
// Does the user have the permission 'delete_users'
// Does the user have the permission 'delete_users' OR 'create_users'
$user->can(array('delete_users', 'create_users'));

// Levels
// Is the user a level 7 or above?
// Is the user a level 5 or below
$user->level(5, '<=');
// All the standard operators are valid (<, <=, =, >=, >)

For a complete guide on installation, usage, and the API, have a gander at the full Verify documentation over at my scripts site.


Since I released Verify, it's had a fair amount of feedback/attention, and it's my first Open Source project that's actually had pull requests.

It's also been installed (via Laravel's Artisan Bundle installer) over 900 times, had 38 people star it on GitHub and 12 people fork; so not too bad really!

So, if you need a lightweight, flexible authentication system for Laravel, why not give Verify a go? All feedback (and pull requests) welcome!

Want to let me know what you think of Verify - Laravel Auth Bundle? Why not leave a comment, follow me on Twitter , or !


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