Why OSX Sucks*

Don't feed the trolls…

I've been using a Mac at work now for nearly 3 months and, having never used one for development before, it's really not the Holy Grail I'd heard it made out to be.

So here's why Windows (7) is better.

1. No Cut and Paste?!

Seriously now, why not? Why can't I cut a folder, navigate to a new folder, and paste it? I've heard some great reasons, like it's a "feature to protect the user". Rubbish

2. Unresponsive Window Swapping

When dragging a file over an item on the taskbar, I want the window to pop up after a second so I can drop the file into it. I don't want to wait a couple of seconds, have more windows popup, hover over the one I want, wait a few more seconds to select the window, then finally drop the file in. It may only take 5 seconds extra time, but it's a massive pain.

3. File Renaming

Why is there no dedicated shortcut to rename files?! And before you say "just press enter", this doesn't work in programs like Netbeans, where it opens the file. Also, when I select a file in finder, I want enter to enter the file, not edit the name!

4. Window Management

I find window management on OSX to generally be pretty poor. Minimizing a window means it goes from your cmd tab and cmd ~, forcing you to either right click on the dock icon or show every window.

5. Programs Don't Work As Well As On Windows 7

This will probably infuriate people, but I've found some of my more frequently used programs just aren't as good. Netbeans is one, why can't I open a file that isn't in a project again? I can on Windows. The way Skype handles the conversation window compared to Windows is annoying too. Gimp is woeful, constantly double clicking to get the window into focus and select an item (admittedly this probably isn't all down to the OS, but the developers of the respective programs). Plus FlashDevelop isn't out for OSX, which makes me sad.

6. No IE

Worst thing about OSX? No IE. Seriously, if web designers and developers think OSX is the best platform to work with, you need IE. Using browsershots and other alternatives is simply not a feasible option, and having a separate machine is annoying if you mainly work locally. Parallels is an ok alternative, but again a pain.

Disclaimer: The majority of the remarks in this post are facetious, I do actually like OSX. I realise I've only been using it for 1/4 of a year, so I might not know all of its features/shortcuts, if I've got something wrong let me know in the comments. I also realise Windows stole half its features from *nix OSs blah blah blah. I find the Windows 7 implementations to be better.

*Obvious title to get more interest

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